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Our Unique Handmade, Hand poured & Hand prepared Reed diffusers  and Reed Diffuser Refil oils are a safe, pleasant and natural alternative to nasty plug-ins and air sprays.Using only premium base oils and quality fragrance.

What are reed diffusers and how do they work...?

Reed diffusers are one of the best alternative to candles. At we stock a variety of unique aromas. 

The advantage of using a natural reed diffuser with rattan reeds is there is no risk of fire.

Reed diffusers have a wonderful aromatic scent while being flame free. No heat is required. Our natural rattan reeds measure 3.0 mm and contain over  20 individual cellular sections that run from top to bottom of the reed. This wicks the fragrance from inside the bottle, carries it to the top surface of the reed, and releases the fragrance into the air naturally.

At Belenos Therapy we offer environmentally friendly reed diffusers.  Our ingredients are alcohol-free and DPG-free. Some reed diffusers  have any combination of unregulated ingredients including alcohol. All our reed diffusers are hand poured and we purchase our raw materials locally.

Our reed diffuser refill oils and unique blends  are created to a high standards. We use a combination of essential oils and fragrances.

Ive been told that I can re-use my rattan reeds this true?

No . Once the sticks are totally saturated, the cells in the reeds get clogged and lose their ability to pull the scent up through the reeds and throw the fragrance into the room. As well as buying quality oils you should always by quality reeds. Do not use Bamboo reeds as this will not work!

My reed diffuser does not seem to smell very strong..what is wrong?

Reed diffusers are an alternative to candles and plug ins and different reasons can have an effect on the aroma . Maybe you are trying to scent a room that is too large. Maybe you reeds have got damp or you glass bottle is dirty.You might need more than one bottle of reed diffuser oil placed in opposite corners of the room. If your room has an active air con system or frequent door opening to the outside, it may effect results of the aroma in your room. Keep your reed diffuser oil out of direct sunlight.

I cant smell my reed diffuser but my friend said its too strong...?

We all have odor receptors . Some people have a strong sence of smell other dont.If one of more of the genes this area is damaged or missing, then you will not be able to smell the odor related to that odor receptor. All our reed diffuser are created using the same amount of Fragrance and each batch is the same strength.

Im not sure if I will like the fragrance..what can I do?

When purchasng any fragranced product online it is difficult to know if you will like the scent.If you are unsure if one of our blends is suitable we are able to offer small sample sizes,however you will  not be able to get the full benefit from this.

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