BELENOS SKIN BOTANIQUE™ is  a range of skin care that is

100% from Natural Origin 100% Cruelty Free.

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade or in my case make natural skin care.

Our skin is alive, always looking for balance. Stress hormones are incredibly important in dermatology, so it is no surprise that in 2003 after a life changing experience, my skin also changed. Painful irritation and skin stress damage left me searching far and wide for something that worked. High street brands and products were ineffective and often made the situation worse.                       

Life wasn't great during this period of ill-health, not only did I realize that I had to 'step up' my skin care routine but it was time to approach everything holistically. At the same time as struggling with my well-being I was also forced to change the direction of my career, things were about to change. 

Combining my earlier knowledge and background in pharmaceuticals, experience as a herbalist and my love of aromatherapy I realized that all the wonderful knowledge I had gained gave me an opportunity to formulate a skin care range that could work for me and if it worked for me then there was a possibility it would work for you. I got creative. Soon friends and family were eager to try my wonderful potions..and ta-dah. ... Belenos Therapy was born and later to celebrate 10 years of hard work a re-launching as Belenos Skin Botanique.



Every ingredient has a purpose

If you've made a conscious decision to care for your skin the natural way then you will find Belenos Skin Botanique has a range to suit your needs. For many years we have tirelessly tested formulations to bring the best and most effective naturally derived products to market. All of our formulations are natural, green, organic and non-toxic. Packed with nutrients and deliciously infused with essential oils. We consciously source our ingredients from those who uphold our same values regarding purity as well as environmental standards.Every ingredient we use is 100% pure plant derived, when possible organic and sustainably sourced and always cruelty-free.

At Belenos Skin Botanique we are committed to a range of handcrafted botanical products formulated for well-being + radiant beauty, each batch is made with love, botanicals and earth elements. Our products are formulated to balance restore and strengthen skin. Every ingredient has a purpose. Using high quality fruit oils, exotic butters, seeds, clays and pure and precious essential oils a skin care range which delivers results you can see and feel.

No fuss. Simple Packaging. Affordable price.High Quality beauty from Nature.

Our glass product packaging is classic and traditional without the typical masculine or feminine branding that can be seen on most skin care lines. With dark or clear glass bottles and white labels with minimal wording. Products that are appealing to those who like to keep their skin care routine to be as simple as possible.  

  • All products are in individually handmade and blended in the United Kingdom
  • Made using high quality organic plant ingredients and organic wherever possible
  •  Our range is completely free from synthetic preservatives, parabens or SLS
  • All our products have been safety assessed and approved by a Cosmetic Chemist and meet with the current EC Directive Cosmetic Products (Safety) Regulations
  • We do not test our products or ingredients on animals.

The Environment...

  • At all times the materials used are from sustainable sources.
  • We use recycled materials as much as possible which includes; Jars, Bottles, Lids, Dispensers, Acid free tissue paper and Outer protective packaging.
  • Our PET Plastic bottles are fully recyclable with a low heat input
  • Our PET bottles are certified as safe for the use in food and cosmetic within the EU.



  • Our clear and safe labelling allows you to make an informed decision on whether a product is suitable for you - this is why we display ALL the ingredients found in our range .
  •  Our essential oils will always display a list of the natural Chemical Constituents.

Due to EU  regulations, we are required to list a number of constituents that occur naturally in essential oils. However these constituents are not synthetic chemicals
Skincare products list their ingredients in descending order of concentration. These natural constituents are always at a very low concentration and are normally listed as the lowest concentration.

  • Potential allergens are listed on the labels. 
  • None of our products or ingredients have been tested on animals.
  • Our Cold pressed oils and essential oil products contain clear advice on Plant Family, Extraction Method,Country of Origin.

Our Guarantee....

We hope that you are delighted with your goods from BELENOS SKIN BOTANIQUE...and we understand if you change your mind
This is why you are more than welcome to cancel your order within 30 days of receiving your goods.



The information contained throughout our listings is for general information purposes only.

All our products sold are for symptomatic relief only, and are not to be used or considered as a cure or in place of any current orthodox medication you have been prescribed by your GP.
It is advised that you always check suitability of any product before using any of our essential oil products if you have a medical condition, are taking any prescription medications pregnant or could be pregnant or breast feeding. 
Please read all product usage and safety instructions thoroughly. 

You should not use the information found throughout our listings for diagnosing or treating a health problem or condition. 

Always apply a test patch on skin before applying any oil


However if not, you may return the goods in its original condition for a full refund within 14 working days of delivery