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We would love for you to share your shopping experience with us and of course with all those who may want to visit Belenos Therapy in the  future.

It would be great to hear if you have recently found an oil or cream that has been beneficial to your skin.

You may have purchased one of our Unique reed diffusers and just love the fragrance or you may want to suggest some products you would like to see listed in the future.

go on.. tell us what you think..but be kind!!

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  1. Nicola M

    Wow. Im so blown aback. I have awkward dry patches to my face and with newly acquired scars I was looking for something amazing. I was a little sceptical at first (what woman isn't) but wow. After 2 days my new scar inbetween my brows is flattening, pores are smaller and sporting very smooth, evenly textured skin which is baby soft! It also sits wonderfully under makeup primer and my skin looks glowly (and everything I've said above). Thank you. I'm in love, please make an all over body cream and a lip balm!

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  2. Gill Johnson

    have ordered quite a few times from you now and absolutely love your products! So much so I have been ordering them now for presents! I can't sing their praises enough! They're so lovely for my skin and at amazing prices! Keep up the good work! Kind regards Gill Johnson X

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  3. Josh J

    Wow!suffered with a bit of awkward beard flake. Endlessly tried so many beard oils, and spent far too much money in the process. I then found Condition and shiny beard oil recommended in the independent, so glad I did. No more awkward beardy bits. Cheers Belenos. Great work

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  4. Jules

    This product is amazing. I noticed a big difference in my skin within a couple of days. It looks hydrated and smooth. When it's applied at night its very soothing and relaxing and smell spa like. I will definitely buy this again. Think it's the best skin care product I have ever purchased.

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  5. Victoria Fisher

    I love this product already,it smells divine and feels lovely.It soaks into the skin after a few minutes and my face feels as smooth as satin.I've only been using it for a days and hope it will make my face a bit firmer,but will buy it again just for the way it feels on my face.

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  6. Lisa

    I have always used Decleor facial oils but I won't be buying again since finding the Repair Serum.....Amazing! Results immediate and skin has never been so glowing and lines reducing every day. Can't wait to try done other products. So glad I found Belenos Therapy.

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  7. M Harris

    Thanks you for the massage oil and my free gift

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  8. Alice James

    My cold pressed Argan oil arrived today and I love it! It's absolutely fantastic and the price was great too.I have highly recommended your company & I look forward to shopping with you again very soon.

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  9. J Blake, Leeds

    Would recommend this product. I use toners as a refreshing morning cleanser and this Rose and Neroli toner is lovely to use, non drying and nice smelling. Its as good as the Liz Earle toner that I also love to use and this one's loads cheaper. This one doesnt smell as strong as Liz Earle's, but fragrance is a personal thing and sometimes I find Liz Earle's products can be too strong smelling. Judging by how how much I've used so far I can tell its going to last for ages making it even better value.

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  10. Tam J

    Really happy that you have started selling new bath bombs. Ive try the Jasmine and I luv it.I broke it in half like you said and I got just as much out of it. Will be back for some bath milk. Keep up the good work. xxxxx p.s I need more chocolate smelly stuff

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  11. Anif

    Excellent service. Easy to understand site and faultless delivery time. The goods arrived in perfect condition and were of the highest quality. A pleasure to deal with such a professional company and I have already passed their name to family and friends.

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  12. Margaret

    Excellent products and service. I would definitely recommend to others

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  13. Annon

    I was told about belinos therapy by my friends. Im glad I was given the chance to buy here and will come back for more.

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  14. Lucy Tomlins

    love the reed diffusers. Ive used loads over the last year and these are the best. Just wish you had more.

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  15. Alex

    Hi Guys Can I thank you so much for the extra care and attention you gave to my order. I cant praise this company enough,the customer care I received was first class.I asked them to go that extra mile and they delivered and as a result my wife loved her gift hamper that was beautifully packed with such care.They even picked out some ribbon free of charge. Really well done and I wish you luck Yours Alex

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  16. mary black

    absoluteley delighted with the products i have received also the e-mail help received love the diffusers lovely gentle aroma not like overpowering plug ins beautiful christmas ideas

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  17. Anna

    Hi there I just wanted to write a little something about our experience of Kukui nut oil. Thanks so much for sending it out to us so quickly. My Mother -in- law cut a clipping out of a magazine that suggested a Hawaiian substance called Kukui oil could be used to allieviate several skin conditions. Our particular point of interest is that is was said to work on Psoriasis. This is something we all suffer from in mine and my husbands family. My father in law has been taking treatment after treatment for severe psoriasis on his lower legs. The final medication he tried before this seemed to burn the skin away leaving it more angry and painful that before. They looked like weeping ulcers. I ordered the pure Kukui oil from yourselves as you had the best deal and i wanted to buy pure oil not diluted and this is what you offered. He applied it day and night for 10 days and his skin is almost back to normal. You can still see the red patches but no where near as sore unsightly and irritating. He has the confidence to wear shorts again without fear of people staring. My mom in law started using it on her face and now boasts the softest skin she's ever had!! LOL!!They both have very sensitive skin so it must have lots of soothing qualities. Thanks Again, Anna

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  18. spacesaver

    thank you for such a great service and i am happy to tell everyone that my creams and oils from here are top i used all kinds in the past but these are the best and ur massage oils are the best. i have past on details to my family and friends

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  19. Chrissy

    I recently bought a reed deffuser what a fantastic offer not only in price but in quality also. I had bought a yankee candle diffuser the week before because yankee are supposed to be the best. no way the reed diffuser from Belenos Therapy was by far Superior both in the strong fragrance and the price. I am hoping to try more products from the seller in the future. So you people out there that use the reed diffuser to try one from this seller you wont be disappointed.

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  20. Marium

    I recently have tried pure 100% cold pressed tamanu oil - and wow have I seen the effects within a week or have I! have very sensitive skin which is prone to break outs and blemishes. Having tried everything under the sun - from over the counter medication to home remedies. Nothing really worked and it left my complexion dull and dry. So I stumbled upon this tamanu oil after reading up on the oil I bought this product and the effects were visible in about a weeks time. My scars were getting lighter - my complexion looked healthier on a daily basis. The product even though is a oil it doesn't clog your pores or feel heavy, unlike many creams and oils this absorbs in to the skin very quickly. I leave it on at night mixed with some tea tree oil and this helped with my acne along with previous scarring from acne. If you put on just a little it goes a long way - I use this twice a day and 3 times over the weekend throughout the weekend. In all honesty I am extremely happy with this oil along with the help you guys gave while I was purchasing. Id recommend this to anyone who has mild to moderate acne/ or someone whose suffering from premature aging of the skin or dehydration.

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